Semalt Presents The Most Useful Web Extractors Or Scrapers For Programmers

There are a lot of techniques to take care of when programming. Alongside with writing codes, you have to work with a team to implement the best strategies and obtain useful data from the net. Thankfully, now we have a number of software that help professional developers and programmers accomplish their tasks.

Beautiful Soup

It is an advanced Python library with dozens of features that was designed to extract data from HTML and XML files. Beautiful Soup is compatible with both Debian and Ubuntu systems.

Just like Beautiful Soup, is a comprehensive data extraction program. It lets us scrape and organize data and has an advanced interface.


Mozenda is an instant-to-use web scraping program that captures quality content from the internet, scrapes it and presents in a readable format.


ParseHub can be used to extract data from text, images, and videos. You can also create different APIs from your favorite websites using this program.


It is a wonderful free software and client-side program for the Windows users. You can turn the raw data into the structured form using Octoparse. It is useful for programmers and web developers.


This data extractor or scraper is free of cost and is good from an SEO point of view. We can scan sites of different niches using this program.


Connotate is easy to use data extractor. You just need to download, install and activate it. It comes in free and paid versions.

Common Crawl

This data extractor or scraper provides a dataset of your crawled sites and has raw data extraction options to get benefited from.


It is a wonderful automatic data extraction service. Crawly can scrape different sites and turn them into the structured data forms.


UiPath is the robotic automation scraper that comes free of cost and can automate the desktop data of third-party websites. It is compatible with Windows and similar operating systems.

Web Content Extractor

It is a wonderful and useful web scraper for private and professional purposes. You can easily install Web Content Extractor and get facilitated with its well-versed features.

WebHarvy Web Scraper

It is one of the coolest web scraping and data mining programs. It has been designed for both programmers and non-programmers.

Web Scraper. io

It is a comprehensive Chrome extension that is used for extracting data from multiple web pages at the same time. It is suitable for dynamic websites.

Web Sundrew software

WebSundew is the visual data scraping app that works for both raw and structured data. Its enterprise edition lets you run scraping at the remote server or through an FTP.


It is a relatively new data extractor or scraper that is suitable for Windows users. Winautomation enables us to automate the web-based tasks.

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